## Victor Orozco

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## 32-Rbit

// Animated essay

7:45 Min | DCP | Germany/Mexico | 2018
B&W | 1.85:1 | Stereo & 5.1

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, german & french
Director, montage & animation: Victor Orozco Ramirez
Sound: Roman Vehlken Montage assistant: Roman Vehlken
Animation assistant: Gonzalo Barahona


The German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

// Synopsis

My grandmother was convinced that the only animal that made the same mistake twice is the human being and I was convinced that everything can be fixed with CTRL+Z.
An essay short film about my very own Internet, a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.

// Awards
*Rigo Mora Award, Best Mexican Animation Short Film, Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico, 2018
*Zlatko Grgić Award, best first film made outside of an educational institution, Animafest Zagreb, Croatia, 2018
*Audience Award in The World Cinema Competition, Paris International Animation Film Festival, France, 2018
*Best Animated Short, Morelia Film Fest, Mexico, 2018
*Best international Animation, Festival Icaro, Guatemala, 2018
*Best Animated Documentary, Animasivo, Mexico, 2018
*Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 2019
*Nomination Animation Short Film, Ariel Award, Mexico, 2019
*Innovation Award, Animakom, Spain, 2019
*Best Film, Animadeba, Spain, 2019
*Best Experimental film, Festival de Cine Latinoamericano Rosario, Argentina 2019
*Nomination Animation Short Film, Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis, 2019
*Jury prize for best experimental animation film,
*Sharjah Film Platform, UAE

Festivals 2018
*Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico
*Mecal, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival, Spain
*Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany
*Future Film Festival, Italy
*Krakow Film Festival, Poland
*Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
*Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France
*Valencia International Film Festival Cinema Jove, Spain
*Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico
*Countryside Animafest, Cyprus
*Animaphix, Italy
*Imaginaria – International animated film festival, Italy
*Anibar International Animation Festival, Kosovo
*Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany
*Concorto Film Festival, Italy
*Animasyros Animation film festival, Greece
*Corti in cortile, Italy
*PIAFF, Paris International Animation Film Festival,France
*Pacific Meridian International Film Festival, Rusia
*Imagine Science Film Festival. USA
*Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden
*Banja Luka International Animated Filmfestival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
*International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision”, Rusia
*Morelia Film Fest, Mexico
*Ibertigo, Muestra de cine iberoamericano de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
*Seattle Latino Film Festival, USA
*Timishorts, Rumania
*International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, Cyprus
*Filmfest Eberswalde, Germany
*Festival de Cine de Madrid, Spain
*Seoul Best of the Best Animation Festival, Korea
*International Animation Film Festival TINDIRINDIS, Lithuania
*ANIMAGE International Animation Festival of Pernambuco, Brasil
*Ícaro Festival Internacional de Cine, Guatemala
*International Short Film Festival Berlin, Germany
*Flensburger Kurzfilmtage,Germany
*Cutout festival Queretaro, Mexico
*Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran
*Certamen Internacional de Cortos “Ciudad de Soria”, Spain
*International Animation Film Festival – Gdansk, Poland
*PÖFF Shorts, Estonia
*Seville Film festival, Spain
*Animateka – International Animation Film Festival, Eslovenia
*ANIMASIVO – Mexico City Contemporary Animation Festival, Mexico
*Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana, Cuba

Festivals 2019
*Rising of Lusitania – Animadoc Film Festival, England
*Artfools international Film Festival of Larissa, Greece
*Muestra Internacional Cumbre Tajin, Mexico
*Alessandria Film Festival, Italy
*Fribourg Film Festival, Switzerland
*Niederrhein Filmfestival, Germany
*Athens Animfest – International Animation Festival, Greece
*Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA
*GLAS Animation Festival, USA
*Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay
*Animakom, Spain
*Animocje International Animated Film Festival, Poland
*Experiments in Cinema, USA
*Autotopia Dresden, Germany
*Molodist International Film Festival, Ukraine
*Cinema Planeta, Festival de Cine y Medio Ambiente, Mexico
*Videoex Festival, Switzerland
*Muestra de Cine educativo en la villa de Moya, Spain
*Hidalgo Film Fest, Mexico
*Mostra Ecofalante, Brasil
*Animadeba, Spain
*Japan Media Art Festival, Japan
*Dallas Medianale, USA
*UNDER_the_RADAR Festival, Austria
*OpenEyes Filmfest in Marburg, Germany
*Faito Doc Festival, Italy
*Warsaw Animation Film Festival, Poland
*Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito FICQ, Ecuador
*Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Korea
*Festival de cine ICARO, Panamá
*Facade Videofestival, Bulgaria
*Unseen Festival, USA
*Festival de Cine Latinoamericano Rosario, Argentina
*Manifesto Film Festival Amsterdam, Holland
*Bristol Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, England
*BIT BANG, Argentina
*MEXICO SHORTS International Short Film Festival, Mexico
*Shnit International Short Film Festival, Switzerland
*Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, USA
*Chacun son court – Strasbourg, France
*Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona, Spain
*Flying Film Festival, Switzerland
*International Short Film Festival Winterthur,  Switzerland
*KLEX – Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival, Malasia
*Filmfestival Pantalla Latina, Switzerland
*Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos FICMA, Mexico
*Festival de cine lationoamericano de la Plata, Argentina
*Beijing International Short Film Festival, China
*Panama Animation Fest, Panama
*Sharjah Film Platform, UAE
*Karama Human Rights Film Festival