## Victor Orozco

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## Squarehead

// Animation

4:35 Min | Digital | Germany | 2003
Color | 16:9 | Stereo

Director, montage & script: Victor Orozco Ramirez
Animation: Beatriz Basanta, CarolinaNogal, Elena Martin, Pepe García Vilar, Miguel Rael, Victor Orozco.
Design Pepe García, Miguel Rael, Victor Orozco.
Music: Dario Aguirre.

// Synopsis

Squarehead, he is not bad or good, he only has a Squarehead.
A metaphor about the boundaries of tolerance and intolerance, about the global problem of immigration portrayed in square perspective and colorful way and about how by the end the decisions are always square decisions.

*Germany: Bitfilm Festival Hamburg 2003 Official image and trailer of the festival
*Spain: Sitges Festival Internacional de Cine de Catalunya 2003
*Germany: goEast 2004 – 4th Festival of Central and Eastern European Film in Wiesbaden.
*Austria: Festival der Nationen June 2004 Ebensee.
*Mexico: International Film Festival Expresión en corto July 2004 Guanajuato.
*Spain: International Festival of Independent Film, Elche july 2004 Elche.
*Mexico: Muestra de cortometrajes “este corto si se ve” 2004
*Spain: 16 international Festival de cinema de Girona 2004