## Victor Orozco

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## La letra con sangre entra / Spare the blood, spoil the child

// Animadoc

9:15 Min | 35mm | 1,85:1 | Germany, Mexico | 2005
Color | 16:9 | Stereo

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Director, montage & animation: Victor Orozco Ramirez

// Synopsis

Mexico and the Middle East, two different cultures converge in an atmosphere that portrays the subject of religious extremism.
The chaotic structure of my memories is recreated by means of a complex visualization of symbolic elements and original sound recordings from the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Zapopan, Mexico.

Festivals 2005
*Germany: 48. Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Films 2005
*Germany : 7. backup_festival. neue medien im film, Weimar 2005
*France: Carrefour des Cinemas, Paris 2005
*Germany: 1. Festival der Visuellen Kunst “ambulart”, Hamburg 2005
*Spain: 47. Festival Internacional de Cine documental y cortometraje, Bilbao 2005

Festivals 2006
*Colombia: 46. International Filmfestival,Cartagena 2006
*Mexico: 21. International Filmfestival, Guadalajara 2006
*Spain: 13. International Film Festival, Granada 2006
*Australia: International Animation Festival, Melbourne 2006
*Korea: 10. PiFan, International Fantastic Film Festival, Puchon 2006
*Spain: International Festival of Independent Film, Elche 2006
*Mexico: International film Festival Expresion en Corto, Guanajuato 2006
*Italy: Malescorto Film festival, Malesco 2006 14. Germany: Holzstock-Festival, Holzstock 2006
*Mexico: International Film Festival, Monterrey 2006
*Romania: Anonimul International Film Festival, Bucarest 2006
*United Kindom: International Animation Festival, London 2006
*Brazil: 17. International Short Film Festival, Sao Paulo 2006
*Kosovo: Dokufest – International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kosovo 2006
*Italy: Film Festival Tonicorti, Padova 2006
*Italy: Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival
*Sweden: Lund International Fantastic Film Festival
*Australia: Flexiff, Sydney 2006
*Greece: 7 th International Panorama of Independent Film- and Videomakers, Athens 2006
*United Kindom: Hull International Short Film Festival, Hull 2006
*Germany: Magdeburger Kurzfilmfestival Halbbilder, Magfeburg 2006
*Poland: Sopot Film Festival, Sopot , 2006
*Mexico: International film Festival, Morelia 2006
*Azerbaijan: International Audiovisual Festival, Baku 2006
*Spain: L’Alternativa – Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona 2006
*United Kindom: Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds 2006
*Kosovo: SKENA UP International Students Film and Theatre Festival 2006
*Poland: Euroshorts, Varsovia 2006
*Portugal: Funchal International Film Festival, 2006
*Mexico: Chroma Festival de Arte Audiovisual, Guadalajara 2006
*Estonia: Sleepwalkers Student Film Festival, Tallin 2006
*Greece: PLATFORMA VIDEO SIX, Athens 2006
*Germany: Days of Latinoamerican films, Hamburg, 2006
*Denmark: Kun.Kortfilm International Short Film Festival, 2006
*Canada: Festival de Cinema des 3 Ameriques, ‘Quebec, 2007